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Thank you for your interest in the SARATOGA 12/24.

All events start at the VAN RAALTE MILL BUILDING, 125 High Rock Avenue, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, and all Saturday registration sessions and meetings will be held there.

For more information on the race, scroll through this page. And, if you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US.

Start of the 2013 24-hour race.

All events start at the VAN RAALTE MILL BUILDING, 125 High Rock Avenue, SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY.


NIGHTHAWK 12 JUL.07.2018 8:00 PM 12H YES
ONE LAP FUN RIDE JUL.07.2018 11:00 AM N/A NO



To enter, simply download the ENTRY FORM and send it in with your payment, or you sign up online at BIKE REG. Same day registration will be available according to the schedules below, and we're pleased to announce that we now accept credit cards for on-site registration and purchases, in addition to checks and cash.

Please note that all riders and support crew members must fill out and sign the ENTRY FORM/WAIVER (even if you’ve registered online) and attend a pre-race meeting. All bikes and support vehicles must be inspected before they can be used in the race.


All riders must register, have their bikes and support vehicles inspected, pick up their race packet and attend a pre-race meeting. Please note that the Friday evening session also includes a complimentary pasta dinner.

~ Failure to attend a meeting may result in a three hour penalty ~

FRIDAY EVENING SESSION: Held the evening before the race.
MEETING: 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
INSPECTIONS: Immediately Following Meeting.
SESSION NOTES: Please bring bikes into the backyard, using the gate closest to the garage.

SATURDAY SESSIONS: Held the day of the race.
REGISTRATION & INSPECTION: 1 hour before each race's start time.
MEETING: 15 minutes before start time.
SESSION NOTES: Please view PARKING MAP for detials on parking.

OTHER NOTES: Please have your bike (and lights, if applicable) ready for inspection. If you have a support crew and are using a vehicle, please have that ready for inspection as well, with all required signage attached.

The SARATOGA 12/24 will be held rain or shine and entry fees are non refundable and non transferable.

To view our rider checklist that includes our lighting and signage requirements, CLICK HERE. To view our rulebook, which has more detailed information, CLICK HERE.


As per NYS law, lights must be used between dusk and dawn (~8:30 PM - 5:30 AM). Our lighting requirements exceed those of NYS and if not met, may be grounds for immediate disqualification. additional lighting may be used, but the following is required:

  • One steady white front light, attached to the bicycle, visible from 500' (a 150 lumen LED headlight usually meets this requirement).
  • One steady red rear light, attached to the bicycle, visible from 300'.
  • A second red rear light, attached to the bicycle, visible from 300', set to flashing mode. (Please note that two rear lights are required and that single LED micro lights are not allowed as one of the two required lights.)
  • Enough battery power to get through the night (~ 9 hours).
  • Use of a reflective vest or sash and reflective ankle bands.

The above requirements are the minimal we will accept, but are not optimal, and we highly recommend additional lighting. For optimal lighting, we recommend using a front light of at least 600 lumens, with a secondary front light set to flashing and/or to use as a backup, and/or a helmet mounted light. For the rear, we recommend using high output 1 or 2 watt LEDs, which are visible up to 1 mile (5,280'), and as many as will fit on your bike.

We will have lights, reflective gear, and AA and AAA batteries available for purchase at the pre-race pasta dinner and during the race, but can not guarantee our stock, unless you pre-order a set. For more information, CONTACT US, or visit our ONLINE STORE to make a pre-order.


To further help you prepare, we've posted answers to some frequently asked questions and a couple of area maps (PARKING, START AREA, DOWNTOWN). Please refer to the RULEBOOK for more details.

The pre-race meeting on Friday will be your best opportunity to meet other riders, ask questions and clarify any rules. Below are the answers to the most common questions:

  • Pitching tents or canopies will be allowed in designated areas at either checkpoint, but camping the night before or after the race is prohibited. All tents and canopies at the start must be placed in the parking lot on the asphalt and not on grassy areas, and staking into the ground is strictly prohibited and will be cause for immediate disqualification.
  • parking will be allowed in designated areas in the lot where the main checkpoint is located, with additional parking available on the street, according to local parking regulations, and in an adjacent lot next to the VAN RAALTE MILL BUILDING.
  • Support crews are highly recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Support vehicles may leap frog their riders, providing support via pedestrian hand-offs at any time during the race, but may not follow their riders at any time. Please refer to the RULEBOOK for exact details.
  • The race is held on a fully marked 39-mile loop. To download the loop directions, CLICK HERE. To view an interactive map and download GPS files, CLICK HERE.
  • Drafting between race entrants is allowed in all events comprising the Saratoga 12/24.
  • Teams are welcome! Below is a brief summary of our rules:

    •  Teams may consist of 2-8 riders.
    •  Rider exchanges may take place anywhere on the course, traffic permitting.
    •  Any number of team members may ride at the same time and drafting is allowed between teammates and any other registered rider.
    •  If more than one team member is on the road at the end of the race, the location of the first rider will mark the final distance.

  • The course is deceptively difficult and consists of rolling hills, false flats and wind. Each lap has about 1,300' of climbing, which extends to 13,000' over 400 miles, or 3,250' per 100 miles. It features a couple of short steep hills on Mott Road and Wilton-Gansevoort Road, and a long, fast downward section on NY 197, where riders can make up some time.
  • The WEATHER will most likely be hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. High temperatures average in the mid to upper 80's, but it can get up to the high 90’s. Low temperatures average in the mid 50's, but it can stay in the 70’s or drop down into the 40’s. Also be prepared for high humidity, as much as 80%-90%. And, if the wind is out of the south, it will make the second half of the course very difficult. For the current forecast, CLICK HERE.
  • Sunrise is ~5:30 AM, sunset ~8:30 PM.
  • There will be two fully stocked checkpoints on the loop: the VAN RAALTE MILL BUILDING, at the start/finish of each loop, and just before the 19 mile mark on West River Road. We'll have an assortment of drinks, gels, bars and snacks, as well as basic repair items at each one. Please note that checkpoint #2 will not have a rest room on the premises.
  • Riders may leave supplies at either checkpoint, but we can not guarantee delivery to checkpoint #2 at the start of the race, but we will try our best. We also do not have the capability to shuttle personal items back and forth between checkpoints during the race.
  • There are several bike shops in SARATOGA SPRINGS, a 24-hour supermarket, several convenience stores, hardware stores and many restaurants and other shops located in the vicinity of the VAN RAALTE MILL BUILDING. There is also a major shopping hub just north of the start/finish area, where there is a large mall, big and small shopping centers, home improvement centers, auto parts stores, supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, etc.
  • There are convenience stores located on the course at miles 3, 7, 26, 32 and 37, with the second checkpoint at mile 19 and a 24-hour convenience store/restaurant/gas station just east of the course at miles 7 & 32 on Ballard Road.
  • The SARATOGA 12/24 will be held rain or shine and entry fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Thank you for your interest, and if you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US.






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