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The Adirondack Ultra Cup acknowledges the top male and female cyclists who ride the most miles in Adirondack Ultra Cycling events.

We combine the total mileage from all of our events and break ties by whoever completes the distance in the fastest time. Riders do not have to complete an event for their mileage and time to count, but make up rides are not allowed and there won't be any age groups or divisions, other then gender. All riders and bike types will be scored equally and anyone that does at least one Adirondack Ultra Cycling event will be automatically entered. Standings will be updated after each of our events.

Overall male and female winners receive an exclusive trophy and other prizes, and we may also present awards and prizes to other top riders.

Current standings can be found below the photo, and past results can be found HERE.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Cold temperatures and frozen landscapes have put a damper on our first two events of the year, but we're confident it will eventually warm up and we'll be able to rack up the mileage...

LAST UPDATED: February 24, 2018


  Mario Claussnitzer Jackson Hts. NY FIRST        
  Kevin Klasman Nashua NH FIRST        
  Dan Lynch Greenfield Cent. NY FIRST        
  Kerry Pike Round Top NY FIRST        
Due to extreme cold, the FIRST CENTURY was moved indoors to the INSIDE EDGE BIKE & SKI, using a virtual reality training app and smart trainer. Several riders joined us remotely and in person. Results will be posted shortly. The SNOWBALL EXPRESS was also cancelled due to snow.






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